Facilities at Brook Farm


We are lucky enough to have a private 5 furlong woodchip gallop around the boundary at Brook Farm.  As it is on a hill this is perfect for preparing the horses for racing as well as educating the younger horses we have in our care.  We are also lucky enough to have 2 grass gallops to use.  One which follows the line of the wood chip and the other which follows a similar starting line but can be ridden as a circular gallop.  We use this for slower reperative work. We are also close enough to Newmarket to box horses into town for vital pieces of pre race work.


We have a trotting ring which is made of an artifical fibre surface which we use to warm horses up on before they use the gallop.  This is perfectly located at the foot of the gallop.


Newly installed in 2011 we have a Monarch 6 bay horse walker.  We use this on a daily basis as a warm up before the horses are ridden, on a sunday so the horses can have a leg stretch and as a starting point for horses that are coming back into work after a holiday or returning from injury.


We have a 60m by 40m fenced outdoor school which has an all weather surface.  This is a good place to educate the horses when they are first broken and proved to be a vital piece of equipment during the exceptional cold weather that we had last winter enabling us to exercise the horses when the gallop was snow covered and frozen.


When Nick moved to Brook Farm he built a solid walled lunge pit.  This is a vital tool for starting the babies when lungeing and beginning their long reining work and for providing exercise for horses that are just coming back into work before they are ridden.


We are lucky enough to have a variety of different sized paddocks at Brook Farm.  We have three very big fields for horses to have longer holidays in, eight large paddocks for horses that are having a shorter holiday, and smaller paddocks for daily turnout for horses that have raced or horses that prefer to be turned out as part of their routine.  We also have a grass turn out pen which we can use in the same way as the daily turnout paddocks.  There are also 4 boxes which have sand pens attached to them which we can put horses in after exercise for a roll or use after the horse has raced to provide a leg stretch after racing.


We have a Zamar Cold Machine which is fitted with 4 cold boots which we can use on horses that have strains on pulled muscles.  This machine can cool any part of the horse (or human) you wish down to a temperature of around -12 degrees.