The Prix de la Reine Marie-Amélie revealed the physical capacities of New Outlook (Awesome Again) and the talent of his rider Barbara Guenet. The choice of the trainer Fabrice Chappet, has once more, sensible summer. Indeed, if Barbara had only few opportunities to go up New Outlook, this time this was well and truly the good one.

This beautiful victory (2 minutes, one second and hundredth 18 on a good ground) is not only a success for the gelding or the trainer, but it is a victory for Barbara and especially for gentlemen-riders. The famous brand of watchmaker's shop Longines moreover included well him by deciding to collaborate with the gentlemen-riders. According to Nathalie Belinguier, President of the Fegentri "it was logical that the watch-making brand is also associated with the race of gentlemen-riders". This association will have doubtless carried luck in the trio New Outlook-Chappet-Guenet.

The particularity of this Prix certainly wore luck with New Outlook and revealed the talents of this uncommon trio: an American gelding, a woman and a trainer liking going against the conventions and the principles.

Figures (2000 meters), 7th (race), 3 (trio) and 1st (victory) are certainly good fortune-tellers for the team.

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Posted on 28 Jul 2014 by Fabrice Chappet

June 23rd, 2014 was a tremendous day for the beautiful team that forms Mindsomer (Diamond Green), a 2-year-old colt, Christophe Lemaire, brilliant jockey and Fabrice Chappet, renowned trainer. Indeed, the son of Diamond Green and Mindset spread all his art during the Prix du Mont-l’Evêque. He made a perfect race, leading during 1400 meters and was never caught up during the final straight. His impressive victory by 8 lengths on  Bowmore (Caradak), is the proof that Mindsomer has big chances to realize beautiful performances during the next races in Deauville. Mindsomer realized an exploit by outstripping clearly all his rivals, not leaving then any chances to the clear betting favorite Countermeasure (American Post).

This victory has a special value for the colt because it represents its first trophy, this shortly before the beginning of the season of the races which will take place to Deauville this summer. This victory is moreover accredited by his trainer, Fabrice Chappet, who reveals as professional and connoisseur that "He is a little bit green in his behavior " before adding " he didn’t do well in Lyon recently and, we were disappointed not to have won. This is now done and done I would say very well done. We shall see again him to Deauville ". Following this victory, F. Chappet took his option to buy the colt at 15 000 €.


Posted on 28 Jul 2014 by Fabrice Chappet


The Prix de Mercières which took place in Compiègne June 6th of this year was a turning point in the short career of the young filly Lady Chitchat (Seattle Fitz). Indeed, although not leaving favorite, the role being rather awarded to Isla Vista (Sulamani), Lady Chitchat proved that she could realize good results and even dethrone the best. If the Prix de Mercières is reserved for the fillies having never won, it is from now on made thing. The filly so makes a beautiful progress because that after a seventh place obtained in Compiègne at the end of 2013, and the beautiful third place in Chantilly in April, she ends in beauty at the Prix de Mercières in 1 minute 25 seconds and hundredth 16 on ground supple. If during its first race in Compiègne, the ground had not been favorable to her, the more supple ground.

We know all the talent and Fabrice Chappet's professionalism with the purchase of this filly. Indeed, this one possesses an argentino-American pedigree and thus has origins little known in France. Fabrice Chappet knew how to take risks but also be visionary by buying this filly, because his low cost in the purchase did not put off him (7500 euros yearling). He bet on the unknown and finally seems to have made the good choice if we refer to Lady Chitchat's results.

Once again, we can notice that the duet Chappet-Lemaire works marvelously. If the colt or the filly leaving for the race has its importance, there is no doubt on the strength of this binomial trainer-jockey.

Lady Chitchat excels just like other horses of the same age: Balmat (Kitten’s Joy) who ends  first in Lyon Parilly on 2200 meters in two minutes 21 seconds and hundredth 68 on a good ground, according to Geny, Balmat "pushed away all the attacks up to the end". Wikita (Desert Style) also stands out because she ends also first in Nancy on 1350 meters on a good ground. "At once in the first ranks, made clearly the difference after the straight middle-line ", reveals Geny.

Later in June, Belmont got blacktype by finishing 3rd in the Prix Ridgway, a Listed Race in Compiegne.


Posted on 28 Jul 2014 by Fabrice Chappet

May was another victory month for the boarders of Fabrice Chappet. With a total number of 7 victories, horses were quiet successful. The results of Sant' alberto (Colossus) are to be more particularly mentioned because the latter takes away two races the same month and on different races. The amount of the gains for victories amounting to 93 440 euros and the total amount over the month by adding the gains and the bonuses to almost 190 000 euros, we can thus conclude that from it the month was splendor for Fabrice Chappet and his competitors

Posted on 28 Jul 2014 by Fabrice Chappet

Two races, two victories for the boarder of Fabrice Chappet during the Prix Balbo and during the Prix des Centaures. The 6-year-old horse made a brilliant race during the Prix Balbo on May 1st, 2014. Although he did not lead throughout the race, Da Paolino (Enrique) having appropriated leader's role in the beginning of running, Sant' alberto (Colossus) caught well afterward. Indeed, the horse supplied its efforts in the final straight to return on Da Paolino, to exceed him finally and then steal him the victory some meters before the finishing line in 3 minutes 25 seconds and hundredth on soft ground. According to Fabrice Chappet, this victory can be understandable by the fact that "the ground pleased him" but also because "that it was taken up well by its jockey ", Rispoli. This victory allowed the team Sant' alberto-Chappet-Rispoli to define better the future objectives of the horse. The trainer revealed after the race "we indeed want to leave him on this type of distance. He can run Listed on 3000 meters ", the continuation thus is to be studied

            May 2014 will have carried luck to Chappet and Sant ' alberto. Indeed, after its victory at the prix Balbo, the horse takes away a second victory at the Prix des Centaures, considered as the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe for gentlemen-rider, on May 20th of this year. This Prize seems to succeed in Fabrice because Diodoros and himself had already taken away him in 2006. This year, it is a good Sant' alberto and his gentlemen-rider Florent Guy who led to victory the horse. Chappet entrusted even after running "we were lucky enough to have Florent Guy and he rode Sant ' alberto in a masterly fashion ".


Posted on 28 Jul 2014 by Fabrice Chappet


Stefochop made a big impression when flashing home late for third against winners in his bow over 5 furlongs, when he exploded in the final sixteenth of a mile after running up horses’ heels when last in the early going and being boxed in until shaking loose for his eye-catching finishing move at Chantilly

In his second outing, instead of being last in the early going, the colt was totally race-wise, as he broke sharply and was soon in the firing line with several others, sprinting 6 furlongs up the straight course at Maisons.
Always racing in hand, the colt was cruising with 1½ furlongs remaining, while all of the other 2-year-olds were off the bridle and being ridden for their lives. When the rider took a new cross, Stefochop picked it up and when the rider asked him to quicken he received an instant response.
Stefochop opened up a 5-length lead in a matter of strides and was taken in hand late to prevail by a margin of 4½ lengths. Final time for 6 furlongs on a course rated good was 1:13.69, which was a remarkable 6 1/5 seconds faster than the filly equivalent a race earlier when a well-bred Sea the Stars filly won by 1½ lengths at odds of 1 to 5 after having trotted up 5 lengths in taking her debut.
Timeform rated the performance of the French-bred colt at 93p, making him one of the fastest of his generation in Europe after only two starts.
After this race, Stefochop has been acquired by Team Valor and will stay in training in Lamorlaye for the summer.

Posted on 01 Jul 2014 by Fabrice Chappet

21 starters took a prize money for Fabrice Chappet in April 2014. If the victory of Blue Panis (Panis), April 26th in Chantilly is to be held, it is important to linger over the other horses. Indeed, 18 different horses are in the “money”, proof that F. Chappet’ horses are on all  fronts. Besides with a total prize including bonuses, of over 102 000 euros, this month of April 2014 remain very fruitful for the stable.

Posted on 28 Jul 2014 by Fabrice Chappet

The 3yo Bocaiuva (Teofilo) made a successful return at Compiegne, in a B race, beating the colts. She confirms the high expectations we have of her since her winning debut in Deauville, last year. She was recently bought by the Meridian Racing Club. Congrats to her connections !

Posted on 20 Mar 2014 by Fabrice Chappet

Like every year, the stable showed her form at Cagnes-sur-Mer. With 25 different hoses having run, we have registered more than €139,000 of earnings. Sant'Alberto finished a good third in the Grand Prix du Conseil General des Alpes-Maritimes (L), the first leg of the Defi du Galop.


Posted on 20 Mar 2014 by Fabrice Chappet

2013 was a good year for the stable. With more than a million euros of earnings, and an average earning per horse of 14.168 €, the stable is in the top six of the parisian stables having less than 70 horses under their care, just behind Christiane Head-Maarek, Freddy Head, Elie Lellouche, Nicolas Clément and Jonathan Pease.

Posted on 20 Mar 2014 by Fabrice Chappet

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