The ideal Location...

My yard is located in the very heart of the word unique training centre of Chantilly, which enabtes me to make the most of these huge facilities. With an unbelievable variety of sand, grass and polytrack gallops available, it is a joy to plan the day to day training of each horse.
Our daily routines takes place in the 4 km straight line of the famous "Lions" sand track. I want my horses to do their basic work in a relaxed fashion on this quiet part of the training centre rather that on the busy gallops known as “Les Aigles”.

When it comes to more serious pieces of work, I pick the most suitable among the wide array of grass canters available. Should I want a straight, right handed or left handed work on any distance, I always find an appropriate gallop with perfect ground. This is one of the fantastic aspects of training in Chantilly. Racecourse gallops are also a possibility and are a brilliant occasion to give horses a first contact with the racing track.

The All Weather Gallop, which features the same ground as the Deauville track, is a great help during the frosty winters. I also use a 6 furlongs straight polytrack with my 2-year-olds in the early stages of training, as it is an easier surface than proper sand.

The main yard consists of 35 boxes, just next to an aditional yard that provides the same stabling capacity. After they race the horses get the chance to relax in the 2 sand-paddocks, which I also use to boost the morale of horses returning from injury.
Chantilly is the leading French training centre, set in the beautiful surroundings of its 15.000 acres forest. It consists of 4.700 acres of land including 300 acres of grass gallops, and over 120 kilometres of sand gallops. The domain encompasses several training sites, including the world famous gallops Les Aigles and Les Lions. This unique complex hold its success from the natural quality of the soil and subsoil, as well as the meticulous maintenance performed by a 70-people staff. The sand gallops are harrowed up to 10 times a day and regularly watered during the summer, while the grass canters are the subject of constant attention in order to maintain the ground at top qualitv level.

From Deauville and Cagnes-sur-Mer to Italy, Sweden, the Dubai Carnival and the United States…

I have been an early enthusiast of the Cagnes-sur-Mer meeting, which takes place in January and February on the Cote d’Azur.
The mild climate is a very valuable asset at that time of the year so I let my suitable horses spend the whole 6 weeks down there during which they would always pick a nice crop of wins.
In August, Deauville is a great place as well to train and race as it doesn’t get too hot. I also take advantage of the wonderful opportunities provided by the beach, in order to boost both morale and condition of my older horses.
I always watch out for interesting entries abroad, every time they look favorable to any horses.

Throughout the year I pay particular attention to international races each time it matches my horses abilities. This is how stable boarders got wins and placings in the main European races (Germany, Italy, Sweden) but also in the United States and in Dubaï.